Capacity at this venue may be limited. Early arrival is strongly encouraged.

Masks are highly encouraged for all individuals in this venue.

Address & Contact Info

212 Ridge McIntire Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903, United States

(434) 971-5500


Reserved handicap parking in Omni Garage. Hotel has an elevator; car loop at front; double doors; Handicapped accessible restrooms, large space, railings, lever handles, and auto towel dispensers.


Omni Parking Garage and Downtown Parking Garages. Do NOT park in the Staples parking lot, which is reserved for Staples customers and you run the risk of being towed.

Events at this venue

Defining Housewife: Nostalgia, Stereotypes & Womanhood

In Housewife, novelist and nonfiction author Lisa Selin Davis turns an inquisitive eye on the outdated but persistent concept of homemaker.

Wake Up to Wonder

In her quest to live a vibrant spiritual life, author Karen Wright Marsh had a revelation: she didn’t need to find and follow the perfect plan; she needed people she could follow.

Skimpy Coverage

Why are female athletes so often seen as spectacle? Skimpy Coverage delves into Sports Illustrated’s treatment of female athletes since the iconic magazine’s founding in 1954. 

Autonomy and Agency

Three storytellers approach womanhood, belonging, and justice in the United States.

Lawless Women

Join bestselling authors Heather Webb, Katherine Howe, and Kathleen Grissom for a lively conversation about women who redefined their place in the world.

Queer Reimaginings with SJ Sindu and Addie Tsai, in Conversation with Henry Hoke

Three authors explore the tradition of queer literary fiction, and how writers are expanding the genre in imaginative and evocative ways.

The Death of a Public School

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Cara Fitzpatrick delivers a history lesson in The Death of Public School, looking back at the turbulent history of school choice.

Coffee and Crime with Sarah Weinman

Ticketed Event

Acclaimed author Sarah Weinman will talk about her most recent anthology, which shines a light on true stories that have often been left in the dark.

Toxic Legacy

In 1975, an unexplained but dire illness came to light among workers at a Hopewell, Virginia chemical plant. More investigation revealed that Allied Chemical Corporation had been contaminating the area with pesticides for more than a decade.

Impossible Choices

Join the authors of We Must Not Think of Ourselves and The Measure of Distance for examinations of some of life’s most impossible choices.

Better Halves: Romcom Heroines Meet Their Matches

Two award-winning romance authors explore queer love, hometown ties, and the magic that makes all these relationships work.

Wine and Words with Jami Attenberg

Ticketed Event

Join New York Times bestseller Jami Attenberg for an engaging talk about her newest book, 1000 Words: A Writer’s Guide to Staying Creative, Focused, and Productive All Year Round.

Moments in Time: Historical Fiction Breakfast

Ticketed Event

We’ve added a few more tickets to this previously sold out event! Enjoy a delectable breakfast and sparkling mimosas with authors Brinda Charry, Adriana Trigiani and Jeannette Walls, in conversation with Rachel Beanland.

Like a Lady: Women in Crime

Three writers investigate women’s various roles in true crime: witnesses, perpetrators, consumers, and survivors.

Fantastical Love: Young Adult Fiction

Two lush teen love stories set in otherworldly worlds bring two Caribbean authors together: Lauren Blackwood, author of Wildblood; and Lauren Yero, author of Under this Forgetful Sky.

Sequels & Segues: Crime Wave

Three returning Crime Wave authors each share the latest books in their thrilling spy series.

Bark and Bite: YA Stories of Inner Strength

In both Gone Wolf and The Night Fox, canine creatures allow girls to find their own bark and bite: an inner force each never knew she had.

Memory Making and Democracy: A Look Back at August 12, 2017

Historians and journalists Aniko Bodroghkozy and Nora Neus revisit the indelible moments of August 12, 2017, when white supremacists descended upon Charlottesville.

Late Fines and Lies: Library Crimes

Three Crime Wave authors seek killers in the stacks!

Growing Organic Food

The Backyard Homestead Guide to Growing Organic Food is a one-stop reference for all the key information food gardeners need to grow a healthy garden.

The New Brownies Book: A Love Letter to Black Families

The Brownies Book, a monthly magazine originally published by W.E.B. Dubois and other NAACP leaders in 1920, has been reimagined as The New Brownies Book: A Love Letter to Black Families more than a century later.