Charly Palmer is known for saying “Art should change the temperature in a room.” And for more than thirty years, his art has spoken for itself. In every painting, Palmer bears witness to African ancestry and contemporary experiences—rhythmic, visual stories that shift what each viewer believes. By existing at the intersection of creative expression and the Black experience and accepting the guidance of his ancestors, he creates, authors, and magnifies the truth and depth of Blackness. His art manifests in visual expressions to the questions, “What came before?” and “What truth must be told?” Palmer was selected by John Legend in 2020 to create a cover portrait for his Grammy Award-winning Bigger Love album. He was also commissioned by TIME Magazine to create the cover art and illustrations for their “America Must Change” July 2020 issue, based on his twenty years’ experience painting on the subject of race.


The New Brownies Book: A Love Letter to Black Families

March 23, 2024 1:30PM – 2:30PM

The Brownies Book, a monthly magazine originally published by W.E.B. Dubois and other NAACP leaders in 1920, has been reimagined as The New Brownies Book: A Love Letter to Black Families more than a century later.

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