Margaret Edds

We Face the Dawn: Oliver Hill, Spottswood Robinson,and the Legal Team that Dismantled Jim Crow

Margaret Edds, author of We Face the Dawn: Oliver Hill, Spottswood Robinson, and the Legal Team that Dismantled Jim Crow, is a former editorial and political writer for the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot. She is the author of four previous books dealing primarily with Southern and African American issues.

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Mark Edmundson

The Heart of the Humanities

Mark Edmundson, author of The Heart of the Humanities, is a professor at the University of Virginia. He is also the author of Why Write?, Why Teach?, Why Read? and The Death of Sigmund Freud. He lives in Batesville, Va.

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Theo Emery

Hellfire Boys: The Birth of the U.S. Chemical Warfare Service and the Race for the World's Deadliest Weapons

Theo Emery, author of Hellfire Boys, has written for The New York Times, Associated Press News, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, and other publications. He has appeared on NPR and WBUR. He graduated from Stanford University, and earned an MFA in creative nonfiction.

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Amitai Etzioni

Avoiding War With China: Two Nations, One World

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Amitai Etzioni has had to cancel his participation.

Amitai Etzioni, author of Avoiding War With China, is a professor of international relations at George Washington University. He is the author of several other books, including Security First and From Empire to Community.

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