Transformative Steps & Lives

Sun. March 25, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

UVa Bookstore

400 Emmet Street S, Charlottesville, VA 22903

Hosted by: UVA Department of Religious Studies


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Diana Butler Bass (Grateful), Karen Wright Marsh (Vintage Saints & Sinners), and Adrian Shirk (And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy) explore the transformative powers of gratitude, faith, and shared stories.

Why should you attend?

“In an acquisitive and success-driven culture, too many people spend a lot of time thinking about what they want and don’t have, instead of being conscious of what they do have and being thankful for it. [Grateful] seeks to remedy that.” —Publishers Weekly

“The winsome brilliance of Karen Wright Marsh’s ability to encapsulate gorgeous little vignettes of history’s greatest contemplative mystics and fierce justice advocates makes Vintage Saints and Sinners a timely work. From the most spectacular to the uttermost undramatic conversions, each hero and shero Karen introduces highlights an embodied example of vocational fidelity that is both inspiring and inviting.” —Christopher L. Heuertz, cofounder of Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism, author of The Sacred Enneagram

“Shirk writes with sincerity as she calmly details events, observations, and conjectures. In these stirring vignettes, she mixes historical accounts, interpretations, and fictionalized encounters to provide insight into her personal journey tracing the steps of American women who have sought out an alternative spirituality.” ―Publishers Weekly