New Works by Virginia Humanities Fellows

Fri. March 20, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM


100 5th Street NE, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Hosted by: Virginia Humanities Fellowship Program


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Virginia Humanities Fellows Karen Chase (Carrying Independence), Keith Clark (Navigating the Fiction of Ernest J. Gaines: A Roadmap for Readers), and Charles Thompson (Going Over Home: A Search for Rural Justice In an Unsettled Land) share their most recent works. Book sales and signing will follow. FREE to attend and open to the public.

Why should you attend?

“Sometimes you can learn more about a war from a good novel than you can from a history book. That’s what Karen A. Chase does in Carrying Independence. She vividly evokes what it was like to be in the trenches of the Revolutionary War in a way that few—if any—historians have done.” Marc Leepson, author of Lafayette: Idealist General 

“Ernest Gaines’s career was exceptional and enduring. Still, too few readers today this superior black talent as they should. That, though, is sure to change. Thanks to Keith Clark’s definitive study, the late Louisiana author has a long afterlife ahead. No one I know has worked as assiduously or as honorably as Clark to keep our attention on Gaines over the decades. For students and scholars of Gaines or the black tradition, Navigating the Fiction of Ernest J. Gaines is essential reading. Clark’s knowledge isn’t only intimate; it is inspired.” Maurice Wallace, author of Constructing the Black Masculine: Identity and Ideality in African American Men’s Literature and Culture, 1775-1995

“This book isn’t just the story of one person’s lifelong fight for justice for family farmers and rural communities. Going Over Home is a call that inspires the reader to stand shoulder to shoulder with family farmers in their daily struggle. It puts into words why all of us at Farm Aid believe in family farmers and rural America, and why their survival matters to all of us―no matter where we live.” Willie Nelson, president, Farm Aid


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