Making Sense of the World: Acclaimed Middle-Grade Fiction

Sat. March 24, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Village School

215 E High Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Hosted by: Books on Bikes


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Kathryn Erskine (The Incredible Magic of Being), Alan Gratz (Refugee), and David Barclay Moore (The Stars Beneath Our Feet) discuss their acclaimed fiction—from contemporary narrative and historical fiction to magical realism—for middle-grade readers.

Why should you attend?

“Julian’s distinctive narration, awash in supernatural perceptions as well as a nine-year-old’s natural misconceptions, [The Incredible Magic of Being] is a tour de force… Touching contemporary magical realism, with a final twist that truly surprises.”—School Library Journal

“Gratz, who is known for well-written and well-researched historical fiction, doesn’t disappoint. His latest is timely and moving… This compelling novel will help young people make sense of today’s refugee crisis. Meant to be read, discussed, and shared widely.”—School Library Journal

“Moore tells Lolly’s story of survival with the right mix of humor and hope to balance violence, fear, denial and deprivation. That’s a tall order. To succeed is a celebration. The power of adults as influencers and confidants, nurturing by words, deeds and acts of kindness large and small, fuels every page of this novel. It’s a book in which art is celebrated, being different is an act of resistance, and acceptance, not resignation, is the answer.”—The New York Times