CANCELED—Letters to a Young Farmer: On Food, Farming, and Our Future

Thu. March 22, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Jefferson School African American Heritage Center

233 4th St NW, Charlottesville, VA 22903

Sponsored by: Ballyshannon Fund

Hosted by: Charlottesville Food Justice Network; Chesapeake Foodshed Network; City Schoolyard Garden; Feast!; Food & Community in Virginia, a Project of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities; Local Food Hub; Morven Kitchen Garden; PVCC Community Garden; Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture; UVA Food Collaborative; UVA Office for Sustainability; and Women Who Farm


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Due to winter weather-related closures, this program has been canceled.

Letters to a Young Farmer anthology contributors Eliot Coleman, Barbara Damrosch, Karen Washington, and Jill Isenbarger discuss the highs and lows of farming life—as well as larger questions of how our food is produced and consumed—in vivid and personal detail.

Containing letters from more than thirty esteemed writers, farmers, chefs, activists, and visionaries, Letters to a Young Farmer is both a compelling history and a vital road map—a reckoning of how we eat and farm; how the two can come together to build a more sustainable future; and why now, more than ever before, we need farmers.

Why should you attend?

We are about to witness the largest retirement of farmers in U.S. history. There are now more farmers over the age of 75 than between the ages of 35 and 44. Meanwhile, 400 million acres of farmland are slated to change hands in the next two decades—an area roughly four times the size of California. Our future hinges on the investments we make today in the next generation of farmers. If we invest in farming that is adaptable and regenerative; that respects the limits of season; that builds soil and economies—we can grow a vibrant way of farming that delivers good food to more Americans while being resilient in the face of a shifting, highly variable climate. Helping beginning farmers succeed is crucial to creating a sustainable food future.

“An extraordinary harvest of wisdom from a ragtag crew of farmers, cooks, and agitators—and a must-read, not just for young farmers, but for anyone with an interest in a robust food supply in our era of climate chaos.”—Tom Philpott, food and agriculture correspondent, Mother Jones

“[Letters to a Young Farmer] is shot through with cautionary tales about the folly of large-scale corporate farming, misguided government programs, the graying of the American farmer, and the precipitous decline in their numbers. But the warnings are balanced by plausible strategies for reforming our food system, practical advice, and optimism regarding farming’s future in this noble, difficult field.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Full of sage wisdom, passionate encouragement, and practical advice from some of the greatest food and farming heroes of our time. Their words will inspire and remind you why farming is indeed the most important work to be done.”—Naomi Starkman, founder and editor-in-chief of Civil Eats

“This book will make you want to become a farmer!”—Mark Bittman, author of How to Cook Everything