Eat Me: Cookbooks for All Tastes and Moods

Fri. March 23, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Barnes & Noble

1035 Emmet Street North, Barracks Road Shopping Center, Charlottesville, VA 22903

Sponsored by: Ballyshannon Fund

Hosted by: Charlottesville Cooking School; Feast!; Food & Community in Virginia, a Project of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities; Local Food Hub; Morven Kitchen Garden; PVCC Community Garden; and Wine & Country Living


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Due to unforeseen circumstances, Lindsey Smith has had to cancel her participation.

Jamie DeMent (The Farmhouse Chef), Ken Haedrich (The Harvest Baker), Barbara Pleasant (Homegrown Pantry), and Lindsey Smith (Eat Your Feelings) share stories about their time in the kitchen and garden, and discuss their cookbooks, which represent a wide variety of ingredients, techniques, and cooking traditions.

Why you should attend?

“An immersion into deliciousness, delight, and inspiration, The Farmhouse Chef celebrates eating fresh, seasonal food while redefining what it means to be down on the farm in the twenty-first century. Prepare to become dangerously and deeply hungry.”—Nancie McDermott, author of Southern Soups & Stews

“Haedrich’s recipes are always that perfect balance of simple and sophisticated, equally appealing to both the novice and veteran baker. His new book makes me want to sprint to the garden, then to the oven, then back again, ad infinitum. I love this collection!”—Jenny Rosenstrach, author of Dinner: A Love Story

“If you’re looking for a single book that can take you from planning and planting a food garden through harvesting, preserving, and cooking your produce, Homegrown Pantry is it. Pleasant offers savvy advice on what vegetables to plant and how much to grow, plus dozens of time- and flavor-saving tips.”—David J. Ellis, editor of The American Gardener

“[Eat Your Feelings] lays out tips on how to battle cravings during heightened emotional states, from cleaning out your pantry to a rundown of mood-boosting foods to recipes for when you’re stressed.”―amNY