CANCELED—Cooking Demo with Lindsey Smith

Thu. March 22, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

The Charlottesville Cooking School

2041 Barracks Road (in the Meadowbrook Shopping Center), Charlottesville, VA 22903

Sponsored by: Ballyshannon Fund and Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge

Hosted by: Charlottesville Cooking School; Food & Community in Virginia, a Project of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities; Local Food Hub; Morven Kitchen Garden; and PVCC Community Garden


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Due to winter weather-related issues, this program has been canceled.

Lindsey Smith (Eat Your Feelings) gives a cooking demonstration from her cookbook, featuring recipes to transform emotional eating and improve your mood.

Why you should attend?

“[Eat Your Feelings] lays out tips on how to battle cravings during heightened emotional states, from cleaning out your pantry to a rundown of mood-boosting foods to recipes for when you’re stressed.”―amNY

“[Smith] shows how to curb outta-control emotional cravings with satisfying, healthy alternatives. Her philosophy: Feeding feelings like stress, sadness, and fatigue with solid, mood-boosting nutrients instead of garbage can quell your hankerings and soothe your emo ‘tude. Take a bit of her tasty advice.”―Cosmopolitan