Coastal Explorations: Shipwrecks, Pirates, and Screwpiles

Fri. March 22, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Central JMRL Library - McIntire Room

201 E Market Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Sponsored by: The Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation


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Linda Carnes-McNaughton (co-author of Blackbeard’s Sunken Prize) and Lawrence Saint and Karla Smith (co-authors of Screwpiles) share histories, contemporary stories, and images from their research and extensive exploration of above- and below-water coastlines of the Carolinas and Virginia. Book sales and signing will follow. FREE to attend and open to the public.

Why should you attend?

“Having played vital roles in the shipwreck’s recovery and interpretation, Mark U. Wilde-Ramsing and Linda F. Carnes-McNaughton vividly reveal in words and images the ship’s first use as a French privateer and slave ship, its capture and use by Blackbeard’s armada, the circumstances of its sinking, and all that can be known about life as an eighteenth-century pirate based on a wealth of artifacts now raised from the ocean floor.” —McCormick Messenger

“[Screwpiles] is magnificently designed with an amazing combination of contemporary and historic photos as well as historic documents that beautifully tell the story of an amazing number of lighthouses that have disappeared from the American scene but are still romanticized by so many. A book about screwpile lighthouses was long overdue and the authors are to be congratulated on a job well done.” —Lighthouse Digest