Published March 26, 2021

As part of the all-virtual 2021 Virginia Festival of the Book, scholars Tony Tian-Ren Lin (Prosperity Gospel Latinos and Their American Dream) and Todne Thomas (Kincraft: The Making of Black Evangelical Sociality) discussed their new books, in which they explore the religious cultural dynamics of Latino immigrants and Black evangelicals, respectively. These studies explore lived experiences, how church members may use their spiritual relationships to navigate racial and ethnic discrimination, and the rewards the church may offer in addition to salvation. In conversation with Joseph Davis.

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“[An] evocative debut. . . . Lin’s well-reasoned work makes a strong case that the Prosperity Gospel provides a way for immigrants to survive, remain liberated, and pursue their American dream.” —Publishers Weekly

“Todne Thomas tells a big story about the lived experience of navigating multiple identities and creating meaningful purpose within a community, complicating and refuting racialized narratives of evangelicalism and narrow interpretations of black identity politics in the process. She effectively shows what it means to be a black evangelical.” —Andrea C. Abrams, author of God and Blackness: Race, Gender, and Identity in a Middle Class Afrocentric Church

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