Published March 10, 2021

Anne Trubek, author of So You Want to Publish a Book?, is the founder and publisher of Belt Publishing and Belt Magazine, the author of two previous books, and the editor of two more. She has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and other outlets.

Get to know Anne in this Q&A and then join us on Saturday, March 13 at 2 PM ET as part of the all-virtual 2021 Virginia Festival of the Book to hear her discuss her work in Editing and Publishing: Tips and Information You Can Use Right Now.

Trubek, So you want to publish a book

Festival: What motivated you to become a writer and publisher? 

Trubek: I have always loved reading! I received a PhD in English, and was a college professor before I started publishing. I’ve just always been interested in all aspects of books. 

What was your favorite part about writing your book?

I asked colleagues who do proofreading, cover design, and typesetting to write sections of the book, and it was great fun to collaborate with them and feature their words.

Do you have any sources of inspiration that you come back to while writing?

Nothing specific, but I am always aware that I am working in the shadow of other, greater writers who have come before me.

What impact or takeaway do you hope your work will have for readers? 

I hope they will find it informative, and useful. And funny! I am really hoping some of my jokes land. 😉

Describe how a book changed your life or perspective.

Usually I don’t connect changes in my life or perspective to just one title. But as the author recently passed away, I’ll mention The Phantom Tollbooth, my favorite book as a kid, as being transformative.

What is something that you’ve read recently and would recommend to others?

I really, really, really loved Young Heroes of the Soviet Union, an inventive and fascinating work of nonfiction that came out in 2020. And all the newest books from Belt Publishing of course. 

What are you working on next?

I’m researching a book on American publishing history… but slowly. My day job keeps me busy.

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