Help us offset cancelation costs for the 2020 Festival


If you’ve ever attended a Festival program in the past, you have heard the introductory script that is read aloud at the opening of every program. By the end of the five days of the Festival, especially dedicated Festival-goers can even recite the script along with the announcer.

This year, as we have made the decision to cancel the Festival in light of the COVID-19 public health situation, we want to remind you about two sentences from that script that hold special importance: “The Festival is free of charge, not free of cost. Please remember to support your Festival so we may sustain it for many more years.” 

It’s true: We incur significant costs to produce each year’s Festival, many of which are not recoverable. Though the vast majority of Festival programming is planned to be free to attend and open to the public, we plan Festival banquets and other sponsored programs in order to offset these costs. We also depend heavily on the generosity of Festival attendees to help support the Festival, now and in the future. With our programming canceled for this year, we are in need of even greater support to offset our 2020 costs

With great respect, we invite you to consider making a donation to support the ongoing work of the Festival. Whether you have never made a gift to the Festival before or have been a financial supporter of our work for many years, please know that we appreciate your generosity now more than ever.


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