2020 Pop-Up Book Clubs


The 2020 Virginia Festival of the Book invites you to consider a curated list of titles and participate in a Pop-Up Book Club. Pop-Up Book Clubs provide avid readers and book clubs in the area with a unique chance to engage in a deeper discussion of books by Festival speakers. It’s simple: You select a book from the attached list, plan a book club meet-up, and the Festival offers the opportunity to hear the author speak during March 18-22, 2020!

From some of this year’s best fiction to award-winning nonfiction, selections for the Pop-Up Book Club offer a variety of topics and themes that are ripe for discussion among your friends and fellow book club members:

Further, on each author’s Festival speaker page, linked to above, we’ve provided a link to a discussion guide or interview with the author.

To take part in Pop-Up Book Club:

  1. Select a book. Review the above Pop-Up Book Club selections and pick a book that appeals to you and your friends and/or existing book club(s).
  2. Put it on the calendar. Plan a meeting date/time with your group to discuss the book, any time prior to the Festival, which kicks off on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.
  3. Pick a location and plan your meet-up, whether at a member’s house, a library, or a coffee shop or other venue of your choosing.
  4. Read! Sit back and start reading, with an eye toward the questions and topics you’d like to discuss at the book club meet-up. At the meet-up itself, we hope you’ll treat it like any other book club among friends: Enjoy yourselves while sharing food, drinks, and authentic engagement with the work you’ve read. From your discussion, you may come up with questions you’d like to ask the author.
  5. Meet the author in March. We hope you’ll make plans with your guests to see the author of your selected book at the 2020 Virginia Festival of the Book, taking place March 18–22 in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. The full schedule is searchable at VaBook.org/Schedule.
  6. And please us know via social media what books you pick, tagging #VaBookFest on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!