Create your own personalized Festival schedule!


As you’re exploring the Festival schedule, be sure to keep track of programs of interest by adding them to your online Bookmarks.

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Bookmarks provide a simple way to keep track of the programs you plan to attend—and it’s a lot more organized than taking a marker to the printed schedule in March! To add a program to your personal Bookmarks, just create an account (or log in, if you already have one) and then add your favorites to it by clicking on the Bookmarks icon on each program page.

Since the vast majority of our programs are free to attend, you won’t need to purchase tickets for most of them. (Ticketed programs will include details about how to purchase or reserve these online or in person.)

Once you have everything Bookmarked, you can print your personalized Festival schedule or even share it on social media so that all your friends can find you during the excitement of #VaBookFest.