New Menus for Festival Banquets


After overwhelming interest in certain menu options offered at the 2017 Festival, we are pleased to be able to offer enhanced menus for the 2018 Festival banquets. This past summer, we worked with the fantastic chefs and staff at the Omni to create new menus for 2018, tasting lots of delicious options and selecting only the best for Festival-goers. (It was hard work, but somebody had to do it!)

Prior to purchasing your tickets, we invite you to browse the full menu options below. When ordering your tickets or reserving your table, we ask that you select the preferred menu for each attendee who will be in your party. Please note that each Menu B option is vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free, in addition to being delectable.

Tickets to all banquets go on sale at 9:00 AM on Thursday, September 21, 2017. If you need to update a menu selection for any of your guests, you may do so by email through February 1, 2018.

Wednesday: Read & Lead Lunch Menus

Menu A: Pesto-grilled chicken with herbed cream reduction, parmesan risotto, and mixed spring vegetables

Menu B: Pesto-grilled portobello mushroom with creamy cashew sauce, herbed risotto, and mixed spring vegetables

Both menus will be accompanied by an arugula and spinach salad with roasted red peppers and basil balsamic vinaigrette, iced tea, coffee, and key lime pie (vegan) with crunchy house-made granola.

Thursday: Literary Luncheon Menus

Menu A: Seared Atlantic salmon with spring pea relish, basil butter, Yukon Gold duchess potatoes, and asparagus

Menu B: Herbed vegetable jardenière (summer squash, zucchini, red and green peppers, red onion) with spring pea relish, basil chiffonade, roasted Yukon Gold potatoes, and grilled asparagus

Both menus will be accompanied by a spaghetti squash salad with mint pesto and toasted buckwheat, iced tea, coffee, and fruit cobbler.

Saturday: Crime Wave Brunch Menus

Menu A: Cage-free scrambled eggs with sautéed onion, sun dried tomato, and red pepper on the side, with rustic potato hash, applewood smoked bacon, and a country biscuit

Menu B: Cinnamon flaxseed quinoa with crunchy house-made granola, rustic potato hash, and vegan sausage

Both menus will be accompanied by fresh fruit, juice, and coffee.